• 22 February 2024

2 important cat games

 2 important cat games

In this article, you will learn how to distinguish between two cat behaviors that are fun for them. There are two situations that should be treated as play, for better understanding I will call them “playing with the victim” and “playing war”. The terms are drastic, but they can illustrate how we believe the cat treats play.

While playing with a cat, you can observe many of its natural behaviors, and by this term we mean behaviors that are unconditional and the cat does not have to learn them. While playing, you can see a variety of cat behavior.

In the first case, the game of the proverbial cat and mouse, the cat tries to catch the victim. The mere fact of catching a moving object is satisfying for animals. An additional stimulus in the form of a treat (and this is how the victim should be treated from the cat’s perspective) is an improvement, in the case of training, it is worth equipping yourself with treats while playing. And you have to play with a fishing rod, a moving object is an irresistible temptation for the Latin feles. With the exception of fatigue or ordinary cat laziness. When it comes to fatigue, remember not to overdo it with fun. Tired of running, the cat produces hormones very similar to human adrenaline, which prevent the feeling of happiness. Cat adrenaline stops feline dopamine. Later play is only for the cat running or physical effort, in which they do not feel pleasure, unlike us.

There are different stages of playing prey, sometimes the cat just wants to catch them, and sometimes it is very lurking, this is the moment when it tries to hide from the prey so as not to be noticed. Usually, after the time when our victim, i.e. the fishing rod, moves for a while, the attack occurs. A moment of unprecedented capture. During this time, we should allow the pet to catch, otherwise it may be irritable or tired, and as described, fatigue means the end of the fun.

It is different with playing in the herd. Cats are individual creatures, but bond with their siblings after birth. They behave as they do with their mother. The fact is that kittens don’t miss and from such relationships they can go their own way, but it’s a pleasure for them. It should be remembered that in relations with the cat we keep the position of the cat’s mother. Also cats, although they are not herd creatures, can function well in a herd. And yet, by taking care of a cat, we join its herd, not enslave it.

What about playing war?

This is a cat’s way of learning to control its body in the event of conflict. In their natural habitat, cats do not have any predators above them, but they must fight for their habitat anyway. This is what they learn with their siblings, fighting. This can be compared to the violent struggle of siblings for their parents’ attention. The cats enjoy it. With us, they often play this way when they show their belly and close like a wolf trap. Then they start biting. It should be noted that the cat should not use its claws while playing, bites can be painful, but this is the charm of intercourse with a predator. You can teach a cat not to use its claws, for example, by teaching the command “ouch!” when the cat causes too much pain, we say “ouch!” and we stop playing. The process of teaching a cat to us is time consuming and you must be patient. Exactly the same as a cat during chug.

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