• 29 November 2023

American shorthair cat

 American shorthair cat

American cats are beautiful individuals that are great for families with children. They are very sociable animals that love to spend time with their owners. The described breed is characterized by longevity, so if you are looking for a companion for many years, the American Shorthair is the perfect choice.

History of the American cat

The roots of the American Shorthair cat go back to European countries. The first individuals of this breed were brought from Europe to North America in the 17th century. They were bred as working cats to hunt mice, rats and other rodents aboard ships. Later, they were ideal as cats hunting rodents in villages and cities. Therefore, their popularity was growing, and thus cats of this breed appeared in many households.

In the first years of the American Shorthair’s existence, these cats were perceived as ordinary roofers. They gained popularity only in the 20th century. When the breed was subjected to strong crosses with foreign cats. Such reproduction of individuals caused strong changes in the appearance and character of these cats. Therefore, American breeders decided to start breeding American cats, the goal of which was to return to the well-known American cat. The work on the return was long and monotonous, only in the following generations was it possible to breed a very similar individual that looked like the old cat of this breed.

Characteristics of the American Shorthair

The American cat is classified as a working cat, which means that the breed was created to perform certain activities, in this case catching rodents on ships’ decks. Cats of this breed are classified as individuals with a massive build. American cats range in size from medium to large. Males are noticeably larger than females. The American cat should have an elongated body structure.

The head is characteristic of this breed. Large with an oval build accompanied by oval cheeks. In addition, the face is accompanied by a cute, sweet expression. The eyes are very eye-catching, large and deeply open. The ears are large, wide at the base and tapering towards the tips. The ends are rounded.

The physique should be massive with good bone structure, well developed shoulders, chest and croup. The body should rest on medium-sized legs that are strong. The legs are accompanied by oval-shaped paws. The waist of American cats is of medium length, heavy at the base.

The coat is tightly packed with a short length. It has a hard structure that can be felt to the touch. The coat with the right density perfectly protects against cold and water. The American cat comes in many colors.


American cats are extremely sociable animals. They are ideal for families with children. They have a very friendly disposition. In addition, they get along great with other animals. They are very intelligent, fast learners. They live at least 15 years or more.

Cat care

American cats are classified as short-haired cats, so their care is not difficult. But due to the fact that the fur is thick, they should be brushed regularly, at least once a week. Cats of this breed do not need regular baths. A bath is required if the fur is heavily soiled.

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