• 23 June 2024

Can a cat eat bread?

 Can a cat eat bread?

Cats are classified as carnivores. Therefore, they categorically cannot eat bread. Bread is a food that has no nutritional value for carnivores. The mentioned product is a source of carbohydrates, the digestion of which is very long. In addition, bread can affect the incorrect digestion of proteins. By inhibiting the action of pepsin, which is responsible for the proper digestion of meat.

To sum up, bread means that all the nutritional values ​​of meat will not be properly absorbed by the intestines. In addition, yeast, which is an ingredient of bread, contributes to fermentation in the cat’s digestive tract. Therefore, bread affects excessive gassing and absorbs the necessary water that is in the intestines. Which contributes to the excessive excretion of said water with feces. And this, in turn, affects the osmotic balance of the body.

Finally, let’s never give our cats bread or other products that are a source of carbohydrates. If we want to provide an additional dose of energy in food, then let’s reach for raw or cooked vegetables.

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