• 17 May 2022

Cat toys: laser. Pros and cons, opinion.

 Cat toys: laser. Pros and cons, opinion.

Cats can go crazy with a laser, a toy that immediately attracts the cat’s attention and activates it to play. In this article you will learn what laser toys are available for sale and you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of lasers when playing with a cat.

There are many lasers on the market to play with the cat, you can find pen size indicators for self-guiding on floors, walls, sofas and other furniture, on which we want the cat to chase our light. Devices that independently follow the path of light in the place we choose have also appeared on the market. The toy can turn on the light at certain times of the day for a fixed length of time. This way it is possible to keep our cat entertained during our absence.

Laser toys seem to be perfect for our four-legged children. We can drink a glass of wine while sitting on the couch and play with the cat by only moving our hand with a laser pointer. All the pluses of playing with the laser are pluses not for the cat, but for the comfort of its owner. Correct understanding of how our cats play will allow us to understand why playing with a laser is not appropriate for a cat and should only take place in occasional situations.

The correct sequence of each hunting: spot, target, chase, capture, tear, about which you can read in the article Playing with a cat: hunting. This is the basic ABC of playing with a cat. When we play with a traditional fishing rod, we can observe all the hunting sequences. The cat slowly looks for the “victim” and only after some time starts to run after her. While playing with the laser, the cat starts the chase very quickly. Laser light is a very strong stimulus for our toddler. Playing with the laser shortens the entire hunting path and excludes the last two points: capture and tearing. Our cat will never be able to touch the prey because it is simply a beam of light, unfortunately it will not be able to tear the “prey” either. After a successful hunt, the cat’s level of adrenaline and norepinephrine drops immediately. The brain, on the other hand, produces dopamine, and therefore complete happiness. When playing with the laser, dopamine will never be released.

There is also the health issue, remember that the laser is very unhealthy for the eye, not only for humans but also for animals. While playing, the cat moves very quickly and it is easy to accidentally shine the laser beam in the cat’s eye. In this way, you can damage your eyesight, and with long or repeated exposure, you can deprive your cat of its sight. Especially with very strong lasers with a power greater than 5mW. Laser toys that move the laser beam on their own can shine straight into our cat’s eyes completely beyond our control. They are very dangerous to the health of the cat. In our absence, it may happen that the cat intentionally looks at the laser light source and we will not be able to react.

Taking into account the health factors of the cat and the constant dissatisfaction after the end of the laser hunt, I do not recommend using the laser. Let’s leave him for very occasional games as a complement to playing with the fishing rod. Cats that live in the wild end up failing most of their hunts.

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