• 23 June 2024

Devon Rex

 Devon Rex

Devon Rex are cats with a very interesting appearance, somewhat reminiscent of a sphinx and an oriental cat. They have a very short, characteristic wavy coat. This breed is very interesting and sociable individuals that are great in the company of other cats and children.

History of the Devon Rex breed

The first Devon Rex appeared in England in 1960, in Buckfastleigh, Devon. The history of this breed began in a closed zinc mine, where cat lover Beryl Cox first noticed a strange cat with wavy hair. After some time, the cat gave birth to a litter of kittens, in which several individuals with wavy hair were born. In addition, in the litter there was a male with a very interesting smoke-colored coat, he was named Kirlee. Kirlee has grown into a very interesting representative. The owner decided to mate the said male with his own curly daughter – on the basis of inbreeding. From that moment, the breeding of the Devon Rex breed began. In the next generations, individuals of this breed were crossed with e.g. Burmese and British cats. This was to expand the gene pool of the breed.

Devon Rex could be seen since 1965 for the first time at shows organized in England. The breed has been recognized since 1967 by the felinological organization GCCF.

Characteristics of the Devon Rex breed

Devon Rex is a cat with a very slim figure and medium size. The head of the cat of the mentioned breed forms a characteristic short wedge. The forehead of these cats is quite flat and characteristic. It gives the impression of being slightly curved, and at the same time creates a flat surface. The nose of this breed is very short and rounded. The snout is small and shortened. It gives a characteristic look to the whole head.

The ears of Devon Rex cats are large, very wide at the base and gradually narrowing towards the tips. The ears are covered with a delicate, soft fur. In addition, the ears are set very low on the head.

The characteristic facial expression is also given by the eyes, which are very large and attract attention. They are oval in shape and very well spaced. The eyes should be bright as well as consistent with the color of the coat.

The mentioned breed has a very long neck, which gives them a noble appearance. The whole body is rather medium in size and slightly elongated. It should be well-muscled, yet slender and elegant. The body should be accompanied by long, slender legs, which, when moving, give grace to the whole figure of the Devon Rex cat. The paws are small in size and oval in shape.

The waist of Devon Rex cats is slender, long and very well chiselled. The body should be covered with a characteristic coat with a silky, soft touch. The coat is very short and wavy. Devon Rex cats can be found in many color variants, even white ones.


Devon Rex is a cat very curious about the world, likes to accompany in everyday activities. He gets along well with other individuals of the same species, as well as with dogs. What’s more, it works great as a family cat, especially for children. His character is somewhat similar to that of a dog. It is a very friendly, loving companion in a person’s daily life. He does not like loneliness.

Cat care

Cats of this breed do not need frequent grooming. Due to the fact that they have very short hair, they do not need frequent combing. It is enough to comb their body with a soft comb once a week or once every two weeks.

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