• 23 May 2024

Diarrhea in cats

 Diarrhea in cats

Diarrhea in our little pet is certainly not the most pleasant experience. If the diarrhea occurs only once, it means that the cat’s food has probably harmed the cat and we should be glad that the problem is over. However, if the diarrhea lasts longer than 2 days, treatment will be required. After 2 days our kitten is dehydrated and weakened by diarrhea. Diarrhea in a cat is usually related to its digestive system and a viral or bacterial infection. Diarrhea can also mean that our cat is simply wormed. There are many serious reasons why diarrhea can occur, ranging from cancer to food intolerance. A visit to the vet will be necessary here, and in the case of intolerance, finding the factor that causes diarrhea. As in humans, cats often develop diarrhea after milk, because they are intolerant to the lactose contained in the milk. Diarrhea is a symptom that can indicate a cat’s kidney and liver disease, pancreatitis, and hormonal disorders.

Other factors that cause diarrhea in a cat are not very serious. Cats have overeating diarrhea , after changing the feed, diarrhea occurs after vaccinations or may be information that our kitten is simply stressed.

Cat’s diarrhea versus antibiotics and other medications

Taking antibiotics can cause diarrhea in cats and it is quite common. Your vet should also prescribe a probiotic when prescribing an antibiotic. Usually, the probiotic is taken e.g. in the morning and in the evening an antibiotic, and this completely solves the problem of cat’s diarrhea.

Some of the houseplants are poisonous to cats. On the day the cat is adopted into the apartment, we should clean it of plants that may be poisonous to it. We will write shortly about plants dangerous for cats. We should absolutely remove plants that contain toxins dangerous for the cat. Poisonous plants are not only diarrhea, it can cause permanent damage to the intestines, kidneys and liver.

When caring for a cat, we will certainly experience unpleasant cat diarrhea. It is important to make sure that they do not last long and not to treat long-term diarrhea on your own.

Treatment of diarrhea

Activated charcoal can be administered alone for cat diarrhea. Under no circumstances should we administer drugs intended for humans, such as stopperan or nifuroxazide. Before administering medications, we should consult a veterinarian. Generally, all medications that we give the cat should be consulted with a veterinarian.

If after coal and a short diarrhea the symptoms do not disappear or, what is worse, are even worse, we urgently need to go to the vet. As we wrote in the introduction, after 2 days our cat is very exhausted and certainly dehydrated. After just 2 days, we should go to the vet and not play with the cat’s health.

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