• 23 May 2024

How does a cat show love? 6 ways!

 How does a cat show love? 6 ways!

Purters show sympathy or love for the owner in a completely different way than dogs do. In dogs, a wagging tail means that they are happy, while in cats this signal means the opposite. A cat’s wagging tail may indicate a warning reaction when something irritates it. If a wagging tail means annoyance, what are the signs that a cat likes us?


One of the activities that show that the cat feels love for the owner is the characteristic fawning on the legs and arms. When fawning, cats want to be stroked and scratched in places where they love to be touched. They are e.g. around the base of the tail, the place from the base of the ear along the neck, the place under the chin, as well as the area around the sternum and the head. Cats often purr characteristically when fawning over to their owner, which is a sign of relaxation and relaxation.

Following the owner

Another signal that tells us that cats have affection for the owner is constantly following the owner. Cats that love their guardian accompany him in everyday activities. Where there is a loving person, there is also a cat.

Kneading with paws

Another symptom is jumping up and lying on the owner’s legs. When a cat is laying down, purrs characteristically knead, sometimes digging their claws into the material on which they lie. This is another sign of relaxation, relaxation and sympathy towards people.

Head bashing

Cats, when showing love, characteristically nudge their head while cuddling up to a human. When a cat nods its head, it bonds with its owner and considers it its own.

Human licking

Another symptom is licking a person. Cats between individuals show bond and affection when they lick their feline friend’s fur. While licking a person, the cat leaves its scent and strengthens the feeling, which proves a strong attachment to the person and indicates that he is treated as an individual in the herd.

Human biting

Sometimes cats characteristically bite people in the form of play. Between individuals, this means strengthening bonds and improving contact. For humans, this is not a pleasant activity due to the fact that humans have thinner skin than cats. This can not be treated as aggression towards humans, but as fun and improvement of the relationship between the cat and the human.

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