• 23 May 2024

How much wet cat food?

 How much wet cat food?

When taking care of a cat, we often wonder how to choose the right dose of food for its size, physical activity, and breed predispositions. Each cat needs a different nutritional dose, which should be properly selected and composed. Today I will describe the selection of the amount of wet cat food.

How much canned wet food

First of all, it should be emphasized that the selection of the appropriate amount of a nutritional portion must be carried out in accordance with several rules. Namely, we must take into account the composition of the food and the table on the label. Familiarizing yourself with the information on the product packaging will allow you to determine, more or less, the amount of wet food that we need to give our cat. Most often, we need to know information such as the age of our cat, its weight and stage of development. If we have a small kitten that is in the growth phase, then we must take into account a larger amount of food, due to the needs and supplementation of the necessary nutritional values of the developing organism.

If we already have an adult cat, then determining the amount of food is easier. It is also based on the individual’s weight and age. The next step is to determine the physical activity of our pet. If our cat is a typical household member who spends most of his time on the couch, and his physical activity is playing with toys, then his food supply is smaller. In this case, we can accept the data from the table on the product label, which is targeted at moderately active individuals.

The situation changes when our cat goes outside or is very active. In this case, we will have to increase the amount of wet food for the pet. But before we do it, it is worth giving the amount specified in the table for the first few days. If we notice that the cat is losing weight or begging for food, then we should increase the amount of wet food by 10% and introduce observation. If it’s still not enough, then let’s increase the canned food by another 10%.

When we notice that our cat looks right, has a good figure with the right amount of muscles and not too much fat, it’s a sign to stay on a certain dose.

Finally, when choosing the amount of food based on wet food, we must take into account our cat’s weight, age, physical activity, and whether it is a growing organism.

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