• 22 February 2024

How to brush your cat’s teeth?

 How to brush your cat’s teeth?

In the case of periodontitis in cats, brushing is very often recommended. Some specialists advise you to don’t wait for illness and get used to brushing cat’s teeth from a little kitten. A young kitten will accept the new ritual more easily and will cope better with the stress caused by its introduction. In this article, you will learn how to prepare your cat for tooth brushing and how to carry out the procedure in a way that will lead to the most important issue and stress the cat as little as possible.

At the very beginning, we have to choose a toothbrush and the agent with which we will brush the kitten’s teeth. When it comes to a toothbrush, we recommend choosing one of those available for young children with very soft bristles. So that we don’t cut the cat’s gums. Under no circumstances can we use toothpaste for humans, especially those with fluoride, which is poisonous to cats. We can easily find the right product at vets and pet stores.

Let’s start by applying a small, very small amount of toothpaste to the toothbrush. Let’s sit with the cat so that its jaw is clearly visible and that we can hold it efficiently. Brushing cat’s teeth will certainly not be a favorite activity for a pet. Cat will certainly try to get away from us. Then let’s try to gently open the cat’s teeth and make circular movements on the surfaces of the tooth plate. In some cases, this procedure may prove impossible to perform. It all depends on the energy and strength of your cat.

Remember that oral hygiene is very important in our cats, so let’s brush their teeth regularly. Bacteria from diseased gums and teeth can cause infections and inflammation of even the kidneys and liver.

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