• 29 November 2023

How to lure and tame a cat

 How to lure and tame a cat

Each of us, when he was a small child and spent holidays in the countryside, had an incident with taming a wild cat. This usually happens when there are small cats in the area and we want at least one of them to become our companion. In addition, luring a wild cat can take place when we want to sterilize such an individual to prevent uncontrolled reproduction of these animals. How to lure a cat? Today I will try to answer this question.

Taming an adult cat and a small kitten

Catching a wild cat can be quite a challenge. Of course, there are different methods of catching wild cats. It all depends on what our goal is. If catching a cat is to sterilize it, in most cases special cages are used for this purpose, in which appropriate food is placed. This is a very stressful method that will not work in the ancestor when our goal is to tame the animal.

If we want to lure the cat in order to tame it, then the appropriate method of luring the cat is regular, systematic feeding of high-quality food. It should be emphasized that taming an adult cat can be more difficult than taming a small kitten. In adult individuals, their body and temperament is so shaped, based on instinctive cannons, that it is difficult to change their behavior and approach to strangers. I would like to point out right away that it may be feasible, but it all depends on the individual and his character. It is worth emphasizing that the first three months of a cat’s life are based on shaping the cat’s character. Therefore, if we are going to tame a wild kitten, let’s do it at this time. This will allow for the proper formation of their personality in adult life.

How to tame a small kitten?

First of all, the whole taming process depends on the cat’s mother. If the mother has been with people and is not afraid of them, then taming small kittens will be easier. Babies usually do what their mother does. Therefore, they can gain more confidence when they see that the cat is not running away from a human. A bigger problem occurs when we are dealing with a cat that is wild. Then we have to be patient and prepare a lot of tasty food.

In the process of taming kittens, it is important to determine their age. If the kittens are still drinking their mother’s milk, let’s not feed them, just come from time to time to the place where the kittens are staying. The only thing we can give is high-quality food to the mother of the kittens, this is a very important activity. It will cause the cat to trust us, even though it will not be willing to have direct contact with a human, it will not move the kittens to another place. When the kittens reach the age where they can eat food without any problems, let’s start the feeding process. An important rule in taming and feeding kittens is to do these activities every day. We must keep in mind regularity, because by devoting time to children every day, it will contribute to their full taming. When the kittens will come closer and closer to the human and will be easy to touch, let’s increase the frequency of meetings and feeding. From now on, you should take care of constant contact with the kittens, showing them that human contact is all about positive activities. We must devote our time to regular stroking, playing and caressing, which will show only positive sensations. Thanks to these actions, the little ones will shape their character, which will affect their adult life with a human.

And what if we are dealing with cats that have lost their mother, i.e. they are orphans? Then you should make sure that they have contact with other cats that are friendly to humans. In this way, cats imitate the activities of adult cats, and thus allow for their proper development.

How to tame an adult cat?

As I mentioned earlier, taming an adult cat can be very difficult. This is due to the fact that he already has a fully formed personality, which is directed by the instinctive behavior of a wild cat. And thus it contributes to a negative approach to people.

However, taming an adult individual can be feasible, there are cases where even old cats willingly befriended and convinced to a human. In the case of taming adult wild cats, we must focus on feeding them constantly and spending time. Delicious food must be associated with a person.

The process of luring an adult specimen is difficult. It is worth noting that such a cat will not fully behave like a house cat. He will behave as a “semi-wild” individual.

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