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Norwegian forest cat

 Norwegian forest cat

Norwegian cats are beautiful, dignified individuals that delight with their lush fur and richly overgrown tail. Their appearance takes on a wonderful look especially during the winter, when the coat is covered with an additional undercoat, which makes these beautiful cats look phenomenal. In addition, they have a hypnotizing look and characteristic brushes on the ears that give them character. Norwegian cats, apart from their beauty, are also very intelligent animals. In addition, they are extremely playful and active, they like to play and spend time with people and other animals.

History of the breed

Norwegian cats come from Scandinavia. This breed is shrouded in various legends. One theory is that these cats were brought from the British Isles. However, it is assumed that they were most likely created through natural selection, without human participation.

Through natural selection and the prevailing difficult environmental conditions, this breed has gained good health. Norwegian cats were recognized and accepted by FIFe in the 70s of the twentieth century and thus were recognized as pedigree cats.

Characteristics of Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian cats are classified as large breed cats. Their weight ranges from 6 to 9 kg in males, and 5 to 6 kg in females. The males are much larger than the females. The head of Norwegian cats is triangular in shape, with each of its sides being of equal length. Seen in profile, the head is of good height and has a slightly rounded forehead. What’s more, the profile of the head is strong without any kinks in the line. Ears are an ornament in this breed. They should be wide at the base, tapering towards the end, forming pointed tips that resemble lynx ears. In addition, thick fur grows from the ears, which protects against cold and foreign objects. The ears should be large in size and well opened. The eyes are another characteristic body part of the Norwegian cat. They are very expressive, oval and at the same time large, very well opened. In addition, they should be slightly slanted.

The body of Norwegian cats is large, massive, and at the same time long and very well built. The limbs are made of solid and massive bone. And the paws should be large and oval in shape, in proportion to the limbs. The whole creates a good and massive structure to support the muscular body of the Norwegian cat.

The tail is the hallmark of cats of this breed. It is very heavily overgrown with hair, fluffy and lush. The body is covered with semi-long hair and a waterproof undercoat. Around the back and sides, the coat is longer and shiny.
Norwegian cats can be found in all colors, but the most common are chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn.

Cat character

Norwegian cats are extremely intelligent and smart creatures. They love to be up high and climb trees. They are cats that jump very high and give the impression that they are real wild forest cats. Cats of this breed love all kinds of games, roundups and hunting. What’s more, they are very attached to their guardian and do not leave him for a moment. They are extremely sociable with people and get along well with other pets. Norwegian Forest Cats are wary of strangers.

Norwegian Forest Cat Care

Due to the fact that Norwegian cats have semi-long hair, covered with a thick undercoat, their care should be regular. The guardian should spend time at least 2-3 times a week on combing out the rich fur. Regular care treatments will prevent the formation of knots and tugging of the body.
Norwegian cats do not need a specific breed-specific diet. They should be provided with nutritious food, in which the composition will be dominated by meat.

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