• 24 July 2024

Vegetables in a cat’s diet

 Vegetables in a cat’s diet

Do vegetables play an important role in a cat’s diet? Should they be given? When and how should they be given? Should we give them when we give food? Today we will focus on dispelling doubts about vegetables in a cat’s diet.

What role do vegetables play in a cat’s diet

Vegetables are a source of carbohydrates and various vitamins, but are they an essential ingredient in a cat’s diet?

It turns out that vegetables are not necessary in a cat’s diet. Cats are carnivorous animals and derive the greatest value from meat and animal fat. Vegetables in a cat’s diet are only a small addition of carbohydrates and vitamins. Vegetables are important for the intestines. However, it cannot be assumed that vegetables are an ingredient that plays a large role in their functioning for cats.

Vegetables in a cat’s diet serve two functions. The first is to obtain a small amount of carbohydrates and vitamins, but for this to take place, vegetables must be cooked and then shredded or blended. This is crucial given that cats do not have the enzymes to digest plants.

The second function that vegetables can play in a cat’s diet is cleansing the intestines and preventing recurrent constipation. In this case, raw vegetables, grated on a grater, should be served.

When should you give your cat vegetables?

First of all, it should be emphasized that vegetables in a cat’s diet, which is based on raw nutrition, are not necessary and should constitute a maximum of 5% of the daily meal. It is also worth mentioning that you should not give your cat fruit, due to the fact that they do not metabolize fructose! It is also worth emphasizing that cooked or raw vegetables can be given while feeding the cat raw or cooked meat. Certainly, these plants should not constitute more than 5-8%. A cat’s diet should be based on meat, offal and fat from animals.

Vegetables and ready-made commercial foods

Another issue is whether to give vegetables when we feed our cat dry or wet food? Answer: no, it is not necessary. Complete dry or wet foods are fully balanced. When feeding with the mentioned foods, it is not necessary to supplement the diet with vegetables. However, if we choose dry or wet food, pay attention to the label and what it contains. If we are thinking about choosing a food, between one that contains vegetables and one that contains grains. So let’s always choose the one that has vegetables in its composition. However, it should always be noted that vegetables in the composition of the food are only an addition. On the other hand, the composition of the food is to be dominated by meat, offal and fat from animals.

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