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Wet food for cats- what to look for when choosing

 Wet food for cats- what to look for when choosing

Wet food for cats should be wholesome and provide all the necessary nutrients for your pet. This type of food is becoming more and more popular. Cat owners give up dry food in favor of wet food. If you are looking for the right cat food and are wondering which one to choose, dry or wet, then choosing wet food will certainly be a healthier and better choice.

Composition of wet cat food

When we decide to buy wet cat food, we must choose a product that will be full-fledged and, in addition, very well-balanced. First of all, we should pay attention to the meat content in the product. It should make up more than 50% of the food composition. It is also worth noting to buy products that will have a clearly defined origin of the meat. Therefore, pay attention to the definition of meat on the label. The correct term for meat is, for example, “fresh chicken meat” or “hydrolysed salmon meat”, etc. If the package says, for example, “chicken”, or “product of animal origin”, etc. It is the content that is not meat but slaughter residues, i.e. all kinds of waste such as feathers, beaks, tongues, ears, etc. Therefore, always avoid wet food that contains vaguely defined type of meat.

Another issue is the content of the rest of the composition of the wet food. Namely, it is worth getting acquainted with the content of offal, which CANNOT be a larger part of the composition than the meat itself! Offal is an important ingredient in the diet of cats, but they should constitute a maximum of 10-15% of the daily meal. It is also worth checking whether the label lists what offal, what organs, and what species of animal they come from. And in the type of case, if there is no clearly written composition on the label, then we should avoid such products.

Third, filler. Each dry or wet food contains a filler that does not have a positive effect on the functioning of the body. Only what contributes to the acquisition of unnecessary energy, and thus can be deposited in the form of fat. Secondly, it contributes to increasing the time of meat digestion and makes the nutritional values ​​from meat and offal less absorbable. Therefore, the less fillers, the better! What can be a filler? In industrial feeds, these are cereals or vegetables. As for cereals, let’s avoid them with a wide berth. Cereals in a cat’s diet are harmful and have a very negative effect on the functioning of the digestive tract. In addition, they contribute to excessive gassing in the digestive tract. Always choose wet food with vegetables as a filler. But it is worth emphasizing that their supply cannot be greater than the content of meat and offal.

Another issue is supplements and other ingredients that serve as products that support the functioning of the body. An important aspect is to determine the amount of taurine in the composition. The rest of the composition can be, for example, algae, brewer’s yeast, salmon oil, etc. You can read more about the necessary supplements in the article What supplements for a cat.

Cat food moisture content

Wet foods are characterized by increased humidity. The water content can be up to 70%. The meat itself consists mostly of water, not to mention the offal. The figure itself is in the form of a meaty, jelly-like consistency. It is worth noting that choosing wet food is a healthier alternative than choosing dry food. When serving wet food, the risk of kidney problems in the cat is reduced. Which will contribute to a better life for your pet.

Always remember that after opening the package with wet food, secure it with a lid or foil and put it in the fridge. Unfortunately, wet food has a short shelf life after opening, so it should be used within two days.

In conclusion, always remember the composition of the wet food you choose. Always buy a product whose composition is clearly defined. When you decide to serve your cat meals based on wet food, take a look at the next article cat food and determine how much your cat should eat.

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