• 24 May 2024

What Cat Supplements?

 What Cat Supplements?

Wondering what supplements your cat should be getting? Is it necessary? When to give supplements? Today’s article provides answers to the above questions. In addition, I will describe when it is necessary to give supplements to the cat.

The basic supplements that should be included in a cat’s diet are:

  • taurine – necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Recalling, among other things, for the proper functioning of the heart.
  • wild salmon oil – an essential supplement in providing the right amount of Omega 3, EPA and DHA,
  • brewer’s yeast – a complex of B vitamins, selenium, magnesium and zinc.
  • krill– a source of EPA and DHA acids,
  • algae – a source of iodine,
  • milk thistle – supports the functioning of the liver and cleansing the body,
  • hemoglobin – a source of iron,
  • cleansing – protects against external and internal parasites, improves immunity. Cleansing is not a necessary supplement, but it is worth introducing it when our cat goes outside and is exposed to the attack of parasites.
  • bone meal or other source of calcium – in case our cat does not eat bones. Other sources of calcium include: ground eggshells or calcium citrate.

It should be noted that the above supplements are used during the preparation of an individual meal. If we give the cat wet or dry food, then it is not necessary to give the listed supplements.

Supplements and feeding

When feeding dry or wet food, it is not necessary to give the above supplements. When we feed our kitten with dry or wet food, we should choose only the food that is wholesome, in other words, it contains all the necessary vitamins and supplements that will contribute to the proper functioning of the body. That is why one of the key things is to read the labels on the food packaging and analyze whether the composition is properly composed. Therefore, if we give ready-made food, we should choose products that have clearly defined values, and their composition fully meets the needs of our cat.

When to give supplements?

If we feed our cat with raw meat and compose meals individually, then we must take care of the basic supplements, i.e.: yeast, a source of calcium (if we do not give bones), algae, salmon oil, krill, hemoglobin.

The situation is different when we serve ready-made food made by producers. The need to supplement with additional supplements during feeding occurs when during control tests (morphology, biochemistry) vitamin deficiencies appear. Typically, veterinarians suggest veterinary equivalents. But it is worth getting acquainted and supplementing the diet with natural supplements that will certainly positively affect the improvement of the cat’s health.

Finally, let’s always take care of the health of our pets. Let’s try to do blood tests at least once a year to assess the health of our cat, and if necessary, supplement vitamin deficiencies.




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