• 23 June 2024

When do cats start seeing?

 When do cats start seeing?

Cat eyesight plays a key role in their functioning. In addition to smell and hearing, it is a very important organ during the development of small kittens. Kittens are born with their eyes fully closed and are blind. During this time, they spend most of their time eating their mother’s food and sleeping.

The first weeks   after birth are very important in the development of small kittens, and milk plays a key role together with colostrum, which ensures the proper development of all organs, including the eye. In the first two weeks, kittens cannot see, hear or walk, in addition, their sense of smell plays an important role, which helps them find their mother’s food.

When do cats start seeing? Most little kittens open their eyes after the tenth day after birth, where this process can take up to 14 days. After opening their eyelids, kittens see blurry, and their eyesight develops over the next few days. In addition, we can notice that after opening the eyes of small cats are blue, only in the third week does the process of coloring the pupils begin, also in this period the eyesight of kittens is already well developed.

Cat eye problems

If a small kitten does not open its eyes after 14 days, an observation should be started. Sometimes there may be problems with opening the eyelids, such as purulent eyes or only one eye is open. for different kinds of bacteria and infection development. Therefore, when we notice that a small kitten has pus that makes it difficult for him to open his eyes, you should regularly wash the eyelids with a moistened cotton pad. What’s more, each little kitten develops at his own pace, which affects the development of vision. In addition, the opening of the eyes in small kittens may be dependent on, among others, on the breed, the length of pregnancy in the female, the age of the mother, genetic conditions, and the environmental conditions in which the kittens develop.

Therefore, if you notice disturbing symptoms that may indicate an infection of the eyes of small kittens, you should carefully observe the cats and if there is no improvement, contact the doctor veterinarian for advice.

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