• 28 November 2023

Why does the cat bite?

 Why does the cat bite?

There can be many reasons why a cat bites a person. Always consider why your cat is behaving aggressively. In addition, cat attacks on humans are often misunderstood by the guardian. However, usually cats attack for fun, and thus it is not based on aggression. Therefore, it is worth analyzing the behavior of the pet.

In today’s article you will find the reasons why a cat bites.


The first reason that may explain cat biting is improper socialization of the pet. If we are dealing with a wild cat that has not met a human, then the natural behavior is to attack a human in the form of a bite and escape.

The situation is different if we have a cat from a small kitten. If we are dealing with a small cat that is in the development phase, it is necessary to implement proper socialization immediately. However, if we are dealing with a mature cat that is aggressive, social rehabilitation will be difficult. In such a situation, it is worth taking specialist knowledge from an experienced cat lover. Certainly, learning should be implemented that will be based on positive reinforcement.


If the cat bites its hands, sticks its claws, and attacks the legs, then it can be explained as a form of play. In addition, this behavior is the result of incorrect socialization. This type of “attack” has nothing to do with aggressive behavior and is a form of fun and energy discharge by the cat.


Cats are considered to be animals that go their own way and have their own opinion. Therefore, the guardian often provokes them to aggressive and defensive behavior. Often we are not even aware of it, but cats can perceive our movements as an attack. And thus the natural behavior is to defend in the form of an attack and then escape.

Early separation from mother

Another cause of cat attacks can be separation from the mother too early at the age of a small, growing kitten. It might not seem to matter. However, the development of kittens during the first several weeks is the most important period in their lives. Ensuring contact with the mother and other siblings affects the development of the kitten’s character. That’s why we should never rush to bring a reserved kitten home. The longer the kitten stays with its mother, the better it will endure later separation and entering adult, individual life in a new home.

Illness and health problems

Another reason why a cat bites may be aggression caused by a disease. When a cat suffers from an illness, feels pain and weakness, then it can show aggression towards other household members. With this behavior, the cat shows not to touch it and to leave it alone.

In addition, behavioral disorders can result from an incorrect diet of the cat. This behavior can occur when there is a disturbed ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 in the pet’s body. And in this case, the cat can behave aggressively, bite caregivers and other animals.

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