• 22 February 2024

Why should free living cats be neutered?

 Why should free living cats be neutered?

In our towns, cats are caught more and more often at the behest of the town and village authorities. The cats are caught and the communes put them through a castration procedure. Why is this happening?

The answer is very simple, it is about preventing an increase in the number of homeless animals. It is much cheaper to sterilize cats than to care for free-living and allocate resources to animal shelters.

Everyone loves little fluffy kittens. They are cute and fun. Kittens, however, grow quickly and reach sexual maturity when they are less than a year old. They quickly cease to be “sweet” for many and it is much harder for them to find a carer. The truth is, most kitties don’t have a warm, sleek little house, a clean litter box, and a stroking hand. Often, babies are taken from their mothers right after giving birth and thrown into the lake.

If they are lucky and survive the first few weeks, they often die of malnutrition, untreated viral diseases, and skin diseases. They end their lives dying of depression in a shelter or under the wheels of a car.

Castrating free-living cats is therefore a purely humanitarian act. It is only about providing the best protection for free-living cats, and it would be very difficult in the rapidly expanding cat population. In addition, municipalities in Poland conduct a policy of maintaining part of the population of free-living cats, thanks to which they also keep rodent populations under control, the avalanche of which could mean epidemiological problems.

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