• 24 July 2024

Names for cat male

Your new male cat needs a name. It doesn’t matter if it’s traditional basic male name like Peter or Charlie or something totally crazy like U-bahn (type of public transport in Berlin, Germany). If your cat is ginger why don’t you name him Sir Elton John and call him jus Elton? Ginger can be also called Price Harry after the Netflix celebrity and a member of the British royal family. Black male with white patches could be called James Bond. So now you see you can call your cat after the celebrities, musicians, actors or artists, what do you say for Van Gogh or Picasso, Jay-Z or Bruno (Mars). Are you automotive fan? Maybe you’d like to call your cat male a Mustang, Zefira or Civic? Don’t forget to open Google Maps for inspiration: New York, London or Moscow? If you still need more inspiration please choose your letter: