• 22 February 2024

Traveling by car with a cat

 Traveling by car with a cat

When we have a cat, it is worth teaching it to travel by car from a small kitten. By going on short trips with him, we get him used to the environment, change of place, and there is less likelihood of motion sickness. How to travel with a cat? What to pay attention to when traveling? How to prepare for the trip? If you are looking for answers to the above questions, I cordially invite you to read today’s article.

Why teach a cat to travel?

Traveling with a cat, as well as with another pet, should be pleasant and stress-free for the pet and its owner. Learning to travel with your cat is about learning to adapt to a new environment. In the case of travel, it should be taken into account that cats are completely different pets than dogs, and thus the learning process can be longer. In addition, a cat familiar with the car and travel, better tolerates critical situations, e.g. quick transport to the vet. Therefore, let’s start learning to travel as early as possible.

How to travel with a cat?

The first step is to buy a suitable kennel cage, i.e. a transporter. Still at home, we teach the kitten to freely enter the carrier, additionally using positive reinforcement (i.e. praise in the form of a stroke or treats). When we show our pet that the carrier is a safe object that should not be afraid, the next step is to transport the kitten to the car. At first, it is enough to place the cage on the seat and be with the cat for literally 5 minutes. At the same time, we must remember to constantly reward our four-legged friend. After this time, you should bring your cat home and give him some treats so that the cat associates the situation with pleasure. We repeat the action every two days or every day, extending the duration. If our cat feels completely at ease, we can go with it for the first short ride. In the learning process, it’s important to show your cat that traveling is fun.

Necessary activities when traveling with a cat

In order for the trip with the cat to be pleasant and not to cause stressful situations, the guardian must take care of certain aspects. Namely, during a trip with a cat, you can not forget about:

  • a suitable transporter that will serve as a safe space,
  • never travel with your cat without a carrier,
  • the center of the carrier should be lined with a blanket,
  • provide your cat with constant access to water,
  • during hot weather, you should travel with your cat in an air-conditioned car,
  • turn off the radio so as not to stress your pet.

Finally, in most cases, traveling with a cat causes a lot of stress for your four-legged friend. The solution to this problem is early learning, still in adolescence. Always be aware that there may be a sudden need to transport your cat quickly. Therefore, make sure that your cat gets used to the car as soon as possible.



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